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Africa as a continent is starting to develop the African Union. Currently, representatives to the Pan-African Parliament are elected by the legislatures of the 53 member countries.

Many of the countries in Africa speak languages other than English. If you are viewing this page from Africa, and you would like to have a Campaigns Wikia website created for your language, please let us know.

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Africa (African Union)

Pan-African Parliament

AU Members: Algeria | Angola | Botswana | Benin | Burkina Faso | Burundi | Cameroon | Central African Republic | Chad | Comoros | Cape Verde | Côte d'Ivoire | Democratic Republic of the Congo | Djibouti | Equatorial Guinea | Egypt | Eritrea | Ethiopia | Gabon | The Gambia | Ghana | Guinea | Guinea-Bissau | Kenya | Lesotho | Liberia | Libya | Madagascar | Malawi | Mali | Mauritania | Mauritius | Mozambique | Namibia | Niger | Nigeria | Republic of the Congo | Rwanda | São Tomé and Príncipe | Senegal | Seychelles | Sierra Leone | Somalia | South Africa | South Sudan | Sudan | Swaziland | Tanzania | Togo | Tunisia | Uganda | Western Sahara (SADR) | Zambia | Zimbabwe

Non-AU States: Morocco

UK: Indian Ocean Territory | St. Helena (Ascension Island Tristan da Cunha)
France: Mayotte | Réunion
Portugal: Madeira
Spain: Canary Islands | Plazas de soberanía

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