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Date of Independence from Spain:
July 9, 1816
Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic
Capital: Buenos Aires
Population: 41,660,417
President: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Vice President: Amado Boudou
Language(s): Spanish
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Upcoming electionsEdit

Recent electionsEdit

Major political partiesEdit

These parties are ordered by the number of votes received in the 2005 Argentine National Congress election.

  • Front for Victory (Frente para la Victoria)
  • Radical Civic Union (Unión Cívica Radical)
  • Alternative for a Republic of Equals (Alternativa por una República de Iguales)
  • Justicialist Party (Partido Justicialista)
  • Republican Proposal (Propuesta Republicana - PRO)
  • Justicialist Front (Frente Justicialista)
  • Progressive, Civic and Social Front (Frente Progresista Cívico y Social)
  • Alliance Union of Córdoba (Alianza Unión Córdoba)
  • Federalist Unity Party (Partido Unidad Federalista)
  • Alliance New Front (Alianza Frente Nuevo)
  • Front of Everyone (Frente de Todos)
  • Front for the Renewal of Concordia (Frente Renovador de la Concordia)
  • Civic Front for Santiago (Frente Cívico por Santiago)
  • Neuquino People's Movement (Movimiento Popular Neuquino)
  • Front of Jujuy (Frente Jujeño)
  • Alliance Front of Production and Labour (Alianza Frente Produccion y Trabajo)

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