The people of Arizona will hold our primary election on September 12th, 2006.

US Senate Edit

United States House of RepresentativesEdit

  • AZ-01 candidates:
    • Rick Renzi (R) incumbent.(hw) (cw)
    • Mike Caccioppoli (D) (cw)
    • Susan Friedman (D)
    • Jack Jackson Jr. (D) (cw)
    • Vic McKerlie (D) (cw)
    • Simon (D) (Winner)
  • AZ-08 candidates:
    • Jim Kolbe (R) incumbent. Retiring in 2006. Open Seat.
    • Republican candidates
      • Frank Antenori (R) (cw)
      • Keith Bee (R)
      • Tim Bee (R) (cw)
      • Ann Day (R) (Pima Council website)
      • Randy Graf (R) (Winner) (cw) - far right, challenged Kolbe in 2004 primary
      • Mike Hellon (R) - endorsed by Kolbe
      • Toni Hellon (R) (cw)
      • Pete Hershberger (R) (cw)
      • Steve Huffman (R) (cw)
      • Mike Jenkins (R) (cw)
      • John Munger (R)
      • Jonathan Paton (R) (AZ lege website)
      • Fred Ronstadt (R) (cw)
    • Democratic Candidates:
    • Independent Candidate:
      • Bill Katzel (I)


The following state governor candidates will be on the ballot.




Registering a domain name with a famous trademark or name in order to profit from it is a felony in Arizona. Arizona's governor Janet Napolitano may have done this with the famous name of one her Republican challengers - the nephew of the late Barry Goldwater.

The domain names and are forwarded to Governor Janet Napolitano's campaign website, while the correct address for Don Goldwater's web site is

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