Class Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Jon Kyl Republican Running Jim Pederson (Dem)
Richard Mack (Lib)

Voters GuideEdit

Issue Jon Kyl (Rep) Jim Pederson (Dem) Richard Mack (Lib)
2nd Amendment Supports Against Supports
Abortion Against Supports no data
Agriculture no data
America in the Middle East Supports the war in Iraq Supports the war in Iraq Pull out of Iraq now
Economy Supports a balanced budget
Education Supports school vouchers
Supports educational savings accounts
Return education to the local level
Environmental protection no data
Health care Supports private system Supports federal system no data
Illegal Immigration Supports work visas
Supports limited welfare for immigrants
Supports amnesty Close the border
Treat illegals as illegals
Same-sex marriage Opposes
Supports the marriage amendment
no data
Social Security Supports individual retirement accounts Opposes privatization no data
Stem cell research Supports non-embryonic Supports no data
Taxation Raise taxes on the middle class
More tax breaks for developers (like himself)
Remove the IRS
Note: These positions are taken from the candidates' official websites and and summarized to provide a quick guide. Please see the official websites for more information.


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