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► Solicit neighborhood input in all City projects affecting subdivisions

► Support subdivision deed restrictions in every legal way possible

► Obtain subdivision approval of building and lot subdivision applications before consideration by the City

► Develop a complete email/telephone contact data base of all subdivision leadership and utilize it to communicate with the citizens (early notice of crime events, Fire Department hydrant service, agendas of City Council & other committee meetings, other periodic items of interest)

► Create a subdivision leadership forum to be utilized for early discussion of ideas, receive questions & concerns, and communicate City projects affecting subdivisions

► Improve communications at all levels with the citizens through direct emails, newsletters, advance notice of meetings, expanded agendas written in a way as to communicate the “meat of the matter”, conduct periodic Town Hall meetings to exchange /discuss ideas and concerns


► Maintain and protect the rural enclave environment of Hunters Creek

► Encourage neighborhood input in any street or other capital projects

► Support the efforts of our neighborhoods adjacent to I-10 in efforts to erect buffers and participate in tree and plantings placement to enhance landscape and noise/visual buffers

► Vigorously enforce the City’s tree ordinance and encourage, financially and politically, additional plantings throughout the City


► Increase Police patrol and consider ways to enhance security of our neighborhoods; i.e. share cost with other villages of extra patrols

► Request Harris County to account for its surveillance of Hunters Creek and investigate ways to increase and monitor its patrol responsibilities

► Urge the cooperation of Bunker Hill and Piney Point in conducting a professional survey/study of citizens’ concerns and wishes regarding security

► Periodically remind residents of methods to employ to protect themselves


► Manage City administrative expenses such that these costs are not dependent on revenue other than ad valorem tax receipts

► Develop a sophisticated deferred maintenance schedule for all capital and infrastructure assets. Fund a reserve matching a deferred maintenance schedule. The City presently has no such deferred maintenance plan which will ultimately result in the City having to either secure debt or suffer tax rate spikes.

► Continue and expand the bid format strategy I have employed for professional services to the City – audit, banking, engineering and legal services.

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