Brad Larssen is a write-in candidate in the Democratic Primary for the 6th Council District of King County, Washington in 2007. He is the First Vice Chair of the 45th Legislative District, and an elected PCO in precinct KIR 45-2923.


  • King County Democratic Central Committee
  • 32nd, 41st, 45th, 48th Legislative District Democrats
  • State Senator Margarita Prentice
  • State Senator Rodney Tom
  • State Senator Brian Weinstein
  • State Senator Eric Oemig
  • State Representative Judy Clibborn
  • State Representative Ross Hunter
  • State Representative Maralyn Chase
  • Kirkland Mayor Jim Lauinger
  • Washington State Democrats — Labor Caucus
  • Carpenters Locals 131 & 470


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