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Chiapas state election, 2006

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A local election is scheduled to be held in the Mexican state of Chiapas on Sunday, August 20, 2006. Voters will go to the polls to elect, on the local level a new Governor of Chiapas to serve for a six-year term.

Gubernatorial electionEdit

Three candidates will fight the 2006 Chiapas gubernatorial election.

Party/Alliance Candidate
Alianza por Chiapas (PRI & PVEM) José Antonio Aguilar Bodegas
Alliance for the Good of All Juan José Sabines Guerrero
Social Democratic and Farmer Alternative

On August 10, Francisco Rojas Toledo of the National Action Party and Emilio Zebadúa of New Alliance announced that they were withdrawing from the election and throwing their support behind Aguilar Bodegas in order to present a united front to prevent Sabines Guerrero, a protégé of incumbent governor Pablo Salazar Mendiguchía, from winning. [1]

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