DeAngelo Pegues, one of the youngest people in memphis history decided to run for county commission in the 2006 general election. He is outstanding, and his communication skill are well-beyond his age.After researching his election run, DeAngelo Pegues an independent, decided to run against a republican in an all republican district. Why did he do it? Well, the only way to explain DeAngelo Pegues, is to talk about his character. DeAngelo Pegues, an honor student from Kingsbury High School graduated in the year 2004. After speaking to DeAngelo Pegues and asking him questions about his future, Ive noticed something very interesting. when i looked into his eyes, I could see his determination. He was determined that he was going to win. When I aked him abot his odds, he told me that the odds of him winning in a republican district was very slim to none, but he did say that this would open the doors for future independents who want to get into the Memphis political arena. after studying his personality, form the outside he seems to be this strong, black, football type male, but after getting into one conversation with him, I could see that he was well intuned with the things that affect his community. I could see the passion from his eyes as he spoke. One of the most memorable things about DeAngelo Pegues was when he was invited to an endorsement rally. The youngest person there, he walked among those old- original politicians as if this was made for him. I was stunned at the amount of courage this individual possess as he gave his endorsement speech. This was the time for him to shine, and he indeed shined.

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When he was 13 years old, he used to wet his bed and his friends would laugh at him. That is why he was so determined to run for the office. Them diapers are expensive. And a few people will have to pay for the humiliation DeAngelo faced. They will have to pay more taxes. thas right.

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