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The Delaware Primary election will be held on September 12th.

US SenateEdit

State Incumbent Term Competing candidates Appro-
Vote % of
winner in 2000[3]
Delaware Tom Carper (D) 1 Mike Protack (R)
Jan Ting (R)
59% (D) SAFE (97%) 56%

US HouseEdit

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Result
Delaware At Large Michael N. Castle Republican 1992 Running Michael N. Castle (R)
Dennis Spivack (D)
Karen Hartley-Nagle (D)
Michael Berg (G)

Statewide racesEdit

State Attorney GeneralEdit

  • Joseph R. Biden III (D)
  • Ferris Wharton (R)

State Auditor of AccountsEdit

  • R. Thomas Wagner, Jr. (R)

State TreasurerEdit

  • Jack Markell (D)

State legislatureEdit

Local racesEdit

External linksEdit

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