Campaign gear can be purchased from the campaign store but if you don't plan on placing a bulk order and you want don't want to pay for shipping on such a small order, you can save money by contacting a local distributor. You can see how much you save by using the table below the list.

Alternatively you can purchase gear from CafePress as well or you can download PDFs for free to print yourself at

Local Distributors Edit

If you would like to become a local campaign material distributor, please place a bulk order of materials to the campaign store and add your information to the list below. Independent, small businesses are welcome to list themselves if they are selling materials.

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  • Independent supporter: Danny Piccirillo
    • Available: $3 Bumper Stickers
    • Backorder: $10 Yard Signs, $20 T-Shirts, $5 Rally Signs, $3 Picture Pin-Back Button, $2 Pin-Back Button
    • Contact: danny.piccirillo+kucinich [at] gmail [dot] com

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Price Comparison Edit

You may use the following chart to see how much you can save by purchasing from a local distributor.

Total prices for single-item purchases (tax not included):

Item (and #) Base price S&H Estimate in continental US Total price in continental US S&H Estimate beyond continental US Total price beyond continental US
Kucinich Picture Button #K006 2.75 2.76 5.51 2.89 5.64
Kucinich Button #K001 Base 2.76 3.91 2.89 4.04
Kucinich Lapel Sticker #K011 0.36 2.55 2.91 2.58 2.94
Kucinich Sticker #K002 2.25 2.81 5.06 2.97 5.22
Kucinich Beanie Hat #K019 11.78 6.00 17.78 7.75 19.53
Kucinich Scarf #K020 18.80 6.00 24.80 7.75 26.55
Kucinich Tanktop #K018-(size) 18.80 6.00 24.80 7.75 26.55
Kucinich Blue Sweat Shirt #K008-(size) 26.95 6.45 33.40 8.43 35.38
Kucinich Grey Hooded Fleece #K009-(size) 31.95 6.45 38.40 8.43 40.38
Kucinich Hat #K010 19.95 5.75 25.70 7.38 27.33
Kucinich T-Shirt #K003-Small 17.95 6.00 23.95 7.75 25.70
Kucinich Rally Sign #K004w 3.10 5.25 8.35 6.63 9.73
Kucinich Yard Sign #K005 7.90 6.25 14.15 8.13 16.03
Item (and #) Base price S&H Estimate in continental US Total price in continental US S&H Estimate beyond continental US Total price beyond continental US
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