Local Organizers Edit

Volunteer city, town, and district organizers are needed! If you are interested, please get in touch with your state coordinator.

See the State-by-State

Student Groups Edit

Students for Kucinich list of groups

California Edit

Los Angeles Resources

Los Angeles Area Kucinich Office - 323-260-4895

San Gabriel Valley for Kucinich discussion list

Los Angeles for Kucinich discussion list

East San Fernando Valley for Kucinich discussion list

San Fernando Valley for Kucinich discussion list


Florida for Kucinich


Georgia for Kucinich



Dennis Kucinich gave the keynote speech at Progressive Alliance Conference of Texas, Saturday, March 10, in San Antonio. He stressed the theme of peace, not only ending the war in Iraq, but changing our collective mindset from one of domination and confrontation to one of cooperation and embracing our collective humanity. Following the speech, Dennis Kucinich received the "Defender of Habeas Corpus" award from the Progressive Action Alliance for his defense of civil liberties. Two fundraisers were held after the conference, a house party in San Antonio and a hotel reception in Austin. - Joel Mayer, 3/12/07

Videos and photos of the Keynote Speech

Video and photos of the house party ( very philosophical informal speech by Dennis)

Photos of both Austin and San Antonio events


Texans for Kucinich - A Site for All Lone Star Kucitizens

Please register and tell us where you live so that we can better organize the state for Kucinich!

Texans for Kucinich Yahoo Group - Real & Potential Kucinich groups in Texas

Dallas - Fort Worth Kucinich Yahoo Group

Houston Kucinich Meet-Up Group

San Antonio for Kucinich Yahoo Group

San Antonio Kucinich MeetUp Group

South Central Texas for Kucinich


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