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Eloquence is often considered an important character trait in a leader. On the other hand, it can mask other character defects or distract from real matters. Many people consider lack of eloquence or lack of an ability to articulate clearly (or in a way that is grammatically correct) to be a character flaw of president George W. Bush, while others appreciate his down-to-earthness and the way it makes him seem like a common, plainspoken person rather than a double-talking intellectual.

Many of the most eloquent people attempt to use this skill to hide their deceptions. A famous quote during President William Jefferson Clinton's impeachment hearings was, "It depends on what your definition of 'is' is."

I expect people evaluate polititan from many aspect.This wiki is controversialy against twitter, If this wiki would change for the better, this semantic dsicuttion style will help it. Sound madia, Eloquence. Movie media is looks. Word mob medial is words. Semantic classified media ?????. I think that is philosophy. Now poitian do not need only eloquence.But political team(not big bparty)needs philosopher ,evangelist, sponsor.

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