Everything To Oil Machine (Thermal Conversion Process) Edit

As found in a Popular Science article, Conagra is currently using this machine, factory, to turn the waste turkey generated during their food processing.[1] The technology has advanced quickly, as has the corporate ownership. Originally designed by Changing World Technologies (owned by Conagra) and their subsidiary Renewable Environmental Solutions, this ultimate recycling process provides the potential to transform our entire energy industry. The technology can support all forms of waste feeds (municipal waste, sewage, medical waste, basically most forms of waste excluding nuclear waste). You read that right. Waste, which America produces in enormous quantities, can be made into oil with the potential to be at small fraction of the cost of current oil supplies and at the same time solve an enormous issue (waste disposal).

You may ask why this isn’t on the nightly news or in your local newspaper. The bottom line is oil corporations have an extremely effective and powerful lobby and many of your elected representatives have ties, both official and unofficial, to the oil companies. It is not in the best interest, both from a continued employment and personally financial perspective, for those people who do the voting to create change that would adversely affect the oil companies. Today’s environment of continually escalating oil prices, regional destabilization and government tax subsidies for massively profitable oil corporations are all a result of this very comfortable corporate to government relationship.

Please do your own research on this possibility and come to your own conclusions but know that we could already be living a less expensive and more independent lifestyle. The United States and other countries could again control their own energy sources. The technology works now, and requires only additional research and investment to expand the already functional technology. This does not require a complete overhaul of our energy infrastructure. The possibilities are staggering.

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