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Harris County will hold a general election on November 7, 2006 for the offices of County Judge (the chief county executive and chair of Commissioner's Court), County Clerk, District Clerk, County Treasurer, Precinct 2 Commissioner, Precinct 4 Commissioner, and various district and county judicial seats. Most terms will be four years, with the victor taking office in January 2007.


County Judge: Robert Eckels (Rep) - incumbent; unopposed

County Commissioner, Precinct 2: Sylvia Garcia (Dem) - incumbent; unopposed

County Commissioner, Precinct 4: Jerry Eversole (Rep) - incumbent; unopposed

County Clerk:

Beverly Kaufman (Rep) - incumbent
James G. Pierre (Dem)

County Treasurer:

Orlando Sanchez (Rep)
Richard Garcia (Dem)

District Clerk:

Charles Bacarisse (Rep) - incumbent
John Shike (Dem)

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