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Defeating hunger with John Edwards and the ONE CORPS Seattle staff.

The One Corps Canned Food Drive has begun, and is off to a magnificent start. I, as the ONE CORPS Seattle leader, am proposing to my chapter a continual existence of food collection for those in need.

The ONE CORPS Seattle chapter is a pride to be leading. I can see that they are a group of people with a mind-set for helping, and hearts for caring. Therefore, I am calling out to them to help me stifle the cries of those in need of nutrition. Along with John Edwards, I plan to continue to collect food throughout the entire year of 2007. My goal is simply to collect over 5 million cans by the end of the drive. The start date is January 2nd. Anyone interested in joining this quest is welcome. Thanks everyone for your help.

~Kevin Gregory McManus, [Read more!]

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