Issue positionsEdit


Opened foreign markets to Washington state farmers - As a result of Maria’s visits to Cuban officials, Washington state exported apples, peas, and lentils to Cuba for the first time in over 50 years. Her initiatives south of the border brought the first-ever imports of Washington potato exports to Mexico. She negotiated wine exports with British Columbia and expanded Washington winery access to B.C. by 40%.

Scored $500 million for WA state to improve tech and infrastructure on turning state crops into biofuel. We have enough wheatstraw to produce 200 million gallons of fuel and with improved tech will produce over a billion gallons.

Health care:

Funded sending more doctors to rural and underserved communities Website info health care:

patients and their doctors, not insurance bureaucrats, should make medical decisions.

ensuring all Washingtonians have access to affordable, quality health care is one of our most important challenges.

supports programs to enable small businesses to provide affordable coverage to their employees; guarantee that all children have access to health care; and provide medications and care to the elderly, disabled, chronically ill, and those nearing the end of life.

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