Massachusetts population map
Date of statehood:
6 February 1788
Capital: Boston
Population: 6,349,097 (2000)
Number of US Representatives: 10
Number of Electoral votes: 12
State Legislature
 State Senate size
 State House size
General Court
State officials
 US Senators

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Massachusetts Voter InformationEdit

Find Massachusetts district information -- A great website the uses a street address to generate a complete ballot for the upcoming election.

The Massachusetts primary elections are scheduled for September 19, 2006.
You must register by August 30 to vote in the primaries.

The Massachusetts general election is scheduled for November 7, 2006.
You must register by October 18 to vote in the general election.

Massachusetts Election Results 2006

Recent ElectionsEdit

Federal RepresentativesEdit


Senator (Class 1) Elizabeth Warren (D) Next election: 2018
Senator (Class 2) Ed Markey (D) Next election: 2014

House of RepresentativesEdit

US Representative (1st District) Richard Neal (D) Next election: 2014
US Representative (2nd District) Jim McGovern (D) Next election: 2014
US Representative (3rd District) Niki Tsongas (D) Next election: 2014
US Representative (4th District) Barney Frank (D) Next election: 2014
US Representative (5th District) Katherine Clark (D) Next election: 2014
US Representative (6th District) John Tierney (D) Next election: 2014
US Representative (7th District) Mike Capuano (D) Next election: 2014
US Representative (8th District) Stephen Lynch (D) Next election: 2014
US Representative (9th District) William R. Keating (D) Next election: 2014

Statewide elected officialsEdit

Governor Deval Patrick (D) Next election: 2014
Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray (D) Next election: ?
Attorney General Martha Coakley (D) Next election: ?
Secretary of the Commonwealth William F. Galvin (D) Next election: ?
Treasurer Steve Grossman (D) Next election: ?
Auditor Suzanne Bump (D) Next election: ?

District-based elected officialsEdit

Only people living in the appropriate districts can vote on these offices.

State SenateEdit

State RepresentativesEdit

Governor's CouncilEdit

Councilor (1st district) Carole A. Fiola (D) Philip C. Paleologos (R) Paul R. Viveros (Ind)
Councilor (2nd district) Kelly A. Timilty (D) Next election: ?
Councilor (3rd district) Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney (D) Next election: ?
Councilor (4th district) Christopher A. Iannella (D) Next election: ?
Councilor (5th district) Mary-Ellen Manning (D) Timothy P. Houten (Ind)
Councilor (6th district) Michael J. Callahan (D) Next election: ?
Councilor (7th district) Thomas J. Foley (D)
Councilor (8th district) Thomas T. Merrigan (D) Michael Franco (R) Michael T. Kogut (Ind)

District AttorneysEdit

Berkshire District David F. Capeless (D)
Bristol District C. Samuel Sutter (D)
Cape and Islands District Michael D. O'Keefe (R)

See alsoEdit

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