Minnesota population map
Date of statehood:
11 May 1858
Capital: St. Paul
Population: 5,420,380 (2013 est.)
Number of US Representatives: 8
Number of Electoral votes: 10
State Legislature
 State Senate size
 State House size
State officials
 US Senators

 Mark Dayton
 Amy Klobuchar
 Al Franken
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2014 ElectionsEdit

Constitutional RacesEdit


Attorney GeneralEdit

Secretary of StateEdit


US SenateEdit

Congressional DistrictsEdit

District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Tim Walz Democratic 2006 Running Tim Walz (Dem)
Mike Benson (Rep)
Jim Hagedom (Rep)
Aaron Miller (Rep)
2 John Kline Republican 2002 Running John Kline (Rep)
Thomas Craft (Dem)
David Gerson (Rep)
Mike Obermueller (Dem)
Paula Overby (Dem)
3 Erik Paulsen Republican 2008 Running Erik Paulsen (Rep)
Sharon Sund (Dem)
4 Betty McCollum Democratic 2000 Running Betty McCollum (Dem)
5 Keith Ellison Democratic 2006 Running Keith Ellison (Dem)
6 Michele Bachmann Republican 2006 Retiring Judy Adams (Dem)
Tom Emmer (Rep)
Phil Krinkie (Rep)
Allan Levene (Rep)
Joe Perske (Dem)
Jim Read (Dem)
Rhonda Sivarajah (Rep)
7 Colin Peterson Democratic 1990 Running Colin Peterson (Dem)
Torrey Westrom (Rep)
8 Rick Nolan Democratic 2012 Running Rick Nolan (Dem)
Stewart Mills (Rep)

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