This page is an attempt to summarize the topic of New heavy industry in Iceland from the POV of those who are in favor of new heavy industry in Iceland. Please read the guidelines for 1POV articles before editing. Edits critical to this point of view aren't really welcome on this particular page, but feel free to comment on the talk page or contribute to an alternative article at:

The need for jobsEdit

  • As in many countries, there is a rush of people from the rural districts to the city centres. One of the reasons are the lack of jobs outside the expansion areas. In the case of Iceland most regions are in decline, except the areas around Akureyri and Reykjavík, the capital.
  • Building heavy industry provides many jobs in a single operation.
  • Additionally many supporting services and industries will be servicing the heavy industry, and the economy in the region gets a boost.

The need for foreign capitalEdit

The need for clean alternatives to foreign smeltersEdit

The need / imperative to utilize resourcesEdit

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