District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Bob Brady Democratic 1998 Running Bob Brady (Dem)
2 Chaka Fattah Democratic 1994 Running Chaka Fattah (Dem)
3 Mike Kelly Republican 2010 Running Mike Kelly (Rep)
Rob Joswiak (Dem)
4 Scott Perry Republican 2012 Running Scott Perry (Rep)
5 Glenn Thompson Republican 2008 Running Glenn Thompson (Rep)
Thomas Tarantella (Dem)
6 Jim Gerlach Republican 2002 Retiring Ryan Costello (Rep)
Manan Trivedi (Dem)
7 Pat Meehan Republican 2010 Running Pat Meehan (Rep)
8 Mike Fitzpatrick Republican 2010 Running Mike Fitzpatrick (Rep)
Shaughnessy Naughton (Dem)
Kevin Strouse (Dem)
9 Bill Shuster Republican 2001 Running Bill Shuster (Rep)
Art Halvorson (Rep)
Travis Schooley (Rep)
10 Tom Marino Republican 2010 Running Tom Marino (Rep)
11 Lou Barletta Republican 2010 Running Lou Barletta (Rep)
12 Keith Rothfus Republican 2012 Running Keith Rothfus (Rep)
John Hugya (Dem)
Erin McClelland (Dem)
13 Allyson Schwartz Democratic 2004 Retiring Valerie Arkoosh (Dem)
Brendan Boyle (Dem)
Daylin Leach (Dem)
Marjorie Margolies (Dem)
Carson Adcock (Rep)
John Fritz (Rep)
Clay McQueen (Rep)
Beverly Plosa-Bowser (Rep)
Everett Stern (Rep)
14 Michael F. Doyle Democratic 1994 Running Michael F. Doyle (Dem)
15 Charlie Dent Republican 2004 Running Charlie Dent (Rep)
16 Joe Pitts Republican 1996 Running Joe Pitts (Rep)
Tom Houghton (Dem)
17 Matt Cartwright Democratic 2012 Running Matt Cartwright (Dem)
Matt Connolly (Rep)
Matthew Dietz (Rep)
David Moylan (Rep)
18 Timothy F. Murphy Republican 2002 Running Timothy F. Murphy (Rep)


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