• How important are one's pre-political background and outside interests to a politician's profile? How relevant is it if a candidate was a lawyer, a Hollywood actor, or CEO of a Fortune 100 company?

Japanese bat point is when we are disscussing ,we regard background and his justness of his speach have relative.

Sometime we say "you have not enogh background and career to say.". In Jpanese old custom most people are recognize his own domain.This domeain is wha you did is what you are. Your habit express your justness of your words. I think reason of existing this habit is to ensure reliable. In discussion to inovete good idea or something like that ,background is not need. But final disiition need reliable. for words.So in this case some politician needs backgroung to augument power of words. In japan politician had have not disscuss, we use "nemawasi" background disscussion, befor beginning meeting, chairman talking all members with alcohol in evening restrunt or fumebox , then meeting is presentation only. So we need only reliable of words in meeting. Recentry ,we are disscssing overseas and domestic too. I want to think this proprem make idea and negotiation.

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