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Robert Mugabe has been President of Zimbabwe since 1980.

Now look at Mugabe, what a loser he is turning out to be now. I hate Britian, was his chorus during the land grabs and even funerals, God forgive him for his lack of respect for the dead.

They mismanaged and misused money that was meant to be for compensentation to the landless farmers. When it was finished, they were very ashamed and decided to do the unthinkable - get the land by force.

They destroyed the economy in the process. Zimbabwe was once the "Bread Basket" of Southern Africa is now begging for rice from the Chinese. Ever ask yourself why its neighbours cannot offer them food.

He somersaults and now wants to talk to the evil British, Tony.

Let's wait and see.

His actions are like that of a drunk who loses his keys on the dark side of the street, only to look for in the vain real hope of finding them under the street light.

- (contribs), 01:22, 11 July 2006

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