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Seattle is a nice little hamlet in the pacific north west of the United States of America.

November 4, 2008 General ElectionEdit


President of the United StatesEdit

United States Representative, Congressional District No. 7Edit


Washington/State Elections, 2008

  • Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Auditor, Attorney General, Commissioner of Public Lands, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Insurance Commissioner

State Representative, Legislative District No. 37Edit


Justices of the State Supreme CourtEdit

  • Position 3
    • Fairhurst, Mary
  • Position 4
    • Johnson, Charles W.
  • Position 7
    • Stephens, Debra L.

Court of Appeals, Division No. 1, District No. 1Edit

  • Position 5
    • Lau, Linda
  • Position 6
    • Schindler, Ann

Judges of the Superior CourtEdit

  • Position 1
    • Bradshaw, Tim
    • Parisien, Suzanne (Sue)
  • Position 22
    • Garratt, Julia
    • Hill, Holly
  • Position 37
    • Rietschel, Jean
    • Mack, Barbara


Initiative Measure No. 985

  • concerns transportation

Initiative Measure No. 1000

  • concerns allowing certain terminally ill competent adults to obtain lethal prescriptions

Initiative Measure No. 1029

  • concerns long-term care services for the elderly and persons with disabilities


King County Charter Amendment No. 1

  • Elected Elections Director

King County Charter Amendment No. 2

  • Prohibiting Discrimination

King County Charter Amendment No. 3

  • Regional Committees

King County Charter Amendment No. 4

  • Additional Qualifications for Elected Officials

King County Charter Amendment No. 5

  • Establishing Forecast Council and Office of Economic and Financial

King County Charter Amendment No. 6

  • Budget Deadlines

King County Charter Amendment No. 7

  • Charter Amendment by Citizen Initiative

King County Charter Amendment No. 8

  • Nonpartisan Elections

City of Seattle Proposition No. 1

City of Seattle Proposition No. 2

Sound Transit Proposition No. 1

  • Mass Transit Expansion

City governmentEdit

City MayorEdit

City AttorneyEdit

City CouncilEdit

External linksEdit

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