Tomás A. Villanueva has had a life-long commitment advocating for the well-being of our communities. His efforts helped create the first and largest medical clinic in the Northwest, currently known as the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic. As President of the United Farm Workers of Washington State, Tomás put together a coalition that won coverage for farm workers under the state’s minimum wage, unemployment insurance, labor standards and child labor laws. As a member of the Washington State Farm Worker Housing Trust, Tomás has lobbied for millions of dollars for the construction of community based farm worker housing.

His top legislative priorities are ensuring affordable and accessible health care for individuals, their families and for small businesses; lowering the price of prescription drugs; investing in our children by adequately funding our schools; protecting our seniors from escalating heating and energy costs; and training our workforce and strengthening our community infrastructure to grow and attract more livable wage jobs.

Tomás has lived in the Yakima Valley for 48 years. He and his family live in Toppenish, Washington.

A vote for Tomás A. Villanueva as our next State Senator is a vote for a positive change to strengthen our families and our communities.

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