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District Incumbent Party Elected Status Opponent
1 Phil Roe Republican 2008 Unknown Phil Roe (Rep)
Dan Hartley (Rep)
Michael Salyer (Lib)
2 Jimmy Duncan Republican 1988 Unknown Jimmy Duncan (Rep)
Jason Zachary (Rep)
Canuto Deleon (Lib)
3 Chuck Fleischmann Republican 2010 Unknown Chuck Fleischmann (Rep)
Weston Wamp (Rep)
4 Scott DeJarlais Republican 2010 Unknown Scott DeJarlais (Rep)
John Anderson (Rep)
Yomi Faparusi (Rep)
Steve Lane (Rep)
Jim Tracy (Rep)
Kristopher Gore (Dem)
Randy Sharp (Dem)
5 Jim Cooper Democrat 2002 Unknown Jim Cooper (Dem)
6 Diane Black Republican 2010 Unknown Diane Black (Rep)
Amos Powers (Dem)
7 Marsha Blackburn Republican 2002 Unknown Marsha Blackburn (Rep)
Credo Amouzouvik (Dem)
Dan Cramer (Dem)
Lenny Ladner (Lib)
8 Stephen Fincher Republican 2010 Unknown Stephen Fincher (Rep)
9 Steve Cohen Democrat 2006 Unknown Steve Cohen (Dem)
Charlotte Bergmann (Rep)

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