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  • I live in Pune
  • I was born on October 6
  • My occupation is Author , Youth Leader , Motivational speaker
  • I am male
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    April 8, 2015 by Kuntal arora


    Bad news for you that The Placement record in the 23-29 age group is far worse , with over 82% not receiving any job through their respective campus but one question I have always in mind that why you only need Job?

    Make an idea because “YOU ARE YOUR OWN GREATEST ASSET” we have infinite powers of the spirit to do something but only after you will release those powers and you will find there is nothing that you will not be able to achieve.

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  • Kuntal arora


    Today topic is LEADERSHIP bcoj this is my first hobby.SAURVE ganguli is my best leader and he is y hero.what step require to make good leader........

    Mission: Leaders know what their mission is. They know why the organization exists. A superior leader has a well thought out (often written) mission describing the purpose of the organization. That purpose need not be esoteric or abstract, but rather descriptive, clear and understandable. Every employee should be able to identify with the mission and strive to achieve it.

    Vision: Where do you want your organization to go? A vision needs to be abstract enough to encourage people to imagine it but concrete enough for followers to see it, understand it and be willing to climb onboard to f…

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